NBA Draft Preiew

With the NBA draft a day away, I have some pondering issues for the Celtics.  For instance, what should we do about Josh Smith?  Rumor has it we have some serious interest in him, but for what price?  I heard potentially trading either Garnett or Ray Ray, but I don’t like it.  I’m thinking possibly our first round pick this year,and the Clippers first rounder that we obtained for next year, while throwing in a couple expiring contracts.  If the Magic end up getting him, which is another possible landing spot, then Dwight will have a better chance at staying in Orlando..and that would be no fun for anyone.

In other news, I still think the Cavs should take Derrick Williams number one and take either Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker at 4.  I’m not sold on Enes Kanter but then again, that’s why I’m not an NBA scout….we’ll see what happens.

In terms of other superstars on the block, rumor has it Tony Parker is available.  That wouldn’t be a bad move for several teams looking for a veteran point guard, but I don’t think he’d be much help unless he gets put back on a contender.  Possibly Utah at 3, teaming him up with Millsap and Jefferson would make them an instantly better team.  Either way the draft should be fun

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