Once the Bruins win the cup and people forget hockey exists until next years playoffs, this man will be the headline of every Boston newspaper.  Why? Because he is having, historically, one of the best seasons in Red Sox history (knock on wood).  In 2000, Pedro had an era of 1.74 for the entire season… and that’s the only time, aside from a couple other from Pedro, that I’ve seen someone in a Sox uniform more dominant than Beckett.  I just looked up the game log for Pedro’s 2000 season, and on this date in 2000 Pedro had a 0.99 era (excuse me?).  Beckett’s dropped to 1.86 after he just finished up his shutout of the Rays.

But can we just think about Pedro for a second?  0.99!! That means he’d let up less than one run per nine innings….absurd.  My man Josh is off to a really good start and is pitching better then ever.  I hope he’s not trying to compete with that magical Martinez season because that’s virtually impossible.  If he keeps pitching like this, and we keep hitting like this, they’ll be another parade in Boston….one that I’ll actually go to.

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One Response to 1.86

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    I have to admit that I had given up on Beckett after his last few years. Two months ago I left a post on this blog site in which i described my concern with the Red Sox starting pitching, in particular Dice-K, Lackey and Beckett. Fortunately for the Sox I was dead wrong about Beckett.

    Thank goodness for Wakefiled and Alceves – they have been far more effective than Dice-K and Lackey.

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