Lebron’s Kryptonite

For those of you who haven’t heard anything about the Deshawn Stevenson-Lebron James feud, Deshawn pretty much called Lebron overrated…which is hilarious coming from none other than Mr. Stevenson.  But does he honestly think he’s better then LBJ? No.  He’s just messing with the poor guy who seems to crumble whenever the spotlight gets put on him.  It’s almost comical how much he has disappeared in the fourth quarters’ of the the last few games.

But anyways, I’m not writing this to just bash on Lebron’s performance (well, kind of).  I’m here to call this poor bastard a hypocrite.  Back to the whole Stevenson thing, once he called the Queen overrated, Lebron seemed to take the high road, saying that the Heat don’t participate in any of that trash talking…HAH.

But how about Lebron?  After Stevenson pulled the same shit in ’08 while in Washington (and Lebron in Cleveland), Lebron came out and called Stevenson Soulja Boy, and referred to himself as Jay-Z.  (For any of you old-timers out there reading this, Jay-Z has been recognized as one of the greatest rappers ever, while Soulja Boy is considered a joke…which he is….but I still enjoy him…kind of like Stevenson actually…guess little Bron Bron nailed that one on the head huh?) Well Prince James, in sticking with rapping comparisons, we might as well dish out a few more names.  For instance, D-Wade would probably be Biggie Smalls considering Lebron is all over both of their nuts.  Jason Terry might be like a 50 cent/Lil Wayne type.  By that I mean that he’s not the greatest (and has produced plenty of garbage) over the years but when they really try to do something they deliver…like “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” “The Drought 3”, or “draining a game-clinching three right in Lebron’s grill.”

But best for last…if Lebron James is Jay-Z, then Dirk Nowitzki is Nas.  SUCK ONE, Lebron.

(Excuse the language)

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