Gimme’ Some Plax

After serving a ridiculous and unnecessary 20 month prison sentence, my boy Plax is a free man.  (Have I talked about this before?…how it’s completely idiotic that he was locked up for 20 months for shooting himself and Donte Stallworth got 23 days after running over someone?  So stupid.)  As you can see, his phone is already blowing up with potential suitors to help resurrect his playing career.  One of those phone calls better be from Big Billy Belichick.  We desperately need a deep threat to replace Randy Moss, so who better then a guy who’s going to be playing with an f-you attitude the whole season?  If there’s a man in the league who wants to prove he’s still got something left, it’s Plax…especially with the success of Mike Vick.

Now I never fully understand Belichick’s system, but I hope he does the right thing here.  Actually scratch that, I don’t know a goddamn thing that goes trough Belichick’s mind.  But as long as we keep winning it’s fine with me.  Like, how do you trade the very pick that selected Mark Ingram for a pick next season?  Whatever.  You know what to do Billy.  Don’t let Plax team up with Vick in Philly, because that could just get silly.

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