Keep the Faith


So the Series is tied and the Mavs just won Game 2 in what can be considered no less than a miracle. I can only hope tonight is a sign of God responding to my nightly prayer from last week. Walking on Water… Feeding thousands of people with a few loaves of bread and fish…. Down 15 points with 7 minutes to go…. DIRK STRIKES AGAIN!

So here’s the question I want you all to honestly think long and hard about:

Dirk Nowitzki or Jesus Christ?? 

Dirk put the icing on the cake by dropping the Maverick’s last 9 points. On the final possession of the game, Dirk immediately took control of the ball. The entire Heat defense and anyone else with a pulse knew who was taking the last shot. Despite all five Miami defenders focusing on the Giant German, Dirk still managed to take the ball to the hole and dominate.

But How? But Why? Because “It don’t matter to me! It don’t matter to the Jesus!” Dirk used a high arching left-handed layup to strike the Heart (I mean Heat) with a final blow.

P.S. – Yeh that final bucket was with his left hand…. You know, the one with a torn tendon.

Double P.S. – That headband kinda looks like a halo. Just saying.


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