DIRK Part Tres

About 5 minutes away from tip-off I guess it’s time for the one last blog on Dirk and the Thunder. I figured a picture would be the best way to describe my feelings on this series.

Figure A (Right) – Ivan Drago – Yeah he’s a monster. Probably around 7 feet tall and 300 pounds of pure muscle. This represents Dirk. With his ridiculous game 1 performance, Dirk is finally getting the national recognition he’s deserved for the last 5 years. Dirk, much like Drago, is an unstoppable force. He’s got that foreign swagger, holds down a 7 foot frame, and matches Drago’s muscle with his just plain silly-skills. Even if there is absolutely perfect defense played against him, he still has the ability to drop jumpers in your eye. If you feed Dirk the rock – Good things happen. End of story.

Figure  B (Left) – Rocky – This represents the Thunder as a team. At first glance, they’re overshadowed by the pure size of their opponent (Drago/Dirk). But look closely, Rocky ain’t no little kid. Yeah sure he’s got a smaller frame, but he’s built with just as much muscle. The Thunder have just as much talent if not more than the Mavericks. Did anyone even realize that Durant dropped 40 in Game 1?? And 24 (5 points less than Dirk)  in Game 2?? And yeah say what you want about Russell Westbrook, but he’s an incredible player. Don’t forget about his triple-double in game 7 against the Grizz. O yeah, they got James Harden too. If you haven’t noticed his play you’ve certainly noticed his beard…. BOSS.

As for a series Prediction? –  Watch ROCKY IV.

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3 Responses to DIRK Part Tres

  1. Rocco says:

    Dirk is German…Drago is Russin…that’s ignorant

  2. Rocco says:


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