Dirk Post Number 2

So now that finals are over, my computer is back from the shop, and Dan Munkley is blogging (finally), it’s time to get back on my blog grind.  A lot has happened during my ten day absence, but one thing that hasn’t happened is Dirk Nowitzki missing the basket.  That was probably the single most magnificent individual performance I have ever seen.

In case you didn’t read my postseason preview (which I don’t see how or why you would miss that), you would have noticed that I didn’t pick a single conference final team right.  So that makes two consecutive predictions (March Madness) that I didn’t get a single team in the final four correct.  Pretty sure I shouldn’t even bother picking anything anymore, ever, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

To get back on point, I had the Mavs going down in round 1 to Portland.  Sweet life.  But now it’s time to jump ship, as I have them winning the whole thing.  Why?  Dirk.  Yeah sure, they lost game 2, but let’s not read too much into this.  To borrow a plate from the “fine China,” the only reason OKC won was because of Russell Westbrook, or lack of Russell Westbrook.  Without him on the court, the Durantula was clearly the go to option (as it should be) and my main man Eric Maynor knew that.  When it comes down to it, Scott Brooks will play Russell regardless of how well he plays and Westbrook doesn’t seem like the forgiving kind of guy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if, come game 3, he comes out shooting contested threes, making poor decisions, and just straight up killing his team….which will eventually cause turmoil between the two “superstars,” leading to an easy series win for Dallas.  Too much Dirk.  Too much inexperience for the Thunder.  It’ll end in 5 or 6.

As for the other series, Miami’s going to win.  I want to see them lose, but I don’t see enough fire power from Chicago.  Unless Carlos Boozer cleans his act up, it’s going to be D Rose vs Wade and Lebron.  I’ll take the douche-bag brothers in a 7 game series every time.

So realistically it’s probably going to be Chicago-OKC….because I suck at predicting the future.  Not like any of this matters though, because the world’s going to end tomorrow.  Peace out…Planet Earth.

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