A Dirk Nowitzki Post For Every Game 1 Miss: Part 1

This idea came to be while the Just Right Sports crew (and Tom Pepe) watched Dirk carry the Mavericks in the fourth quarter of Game 2 vs. the Thunder last night. Hopefully Rocco and Munk will follow through on the idea and there will be a “Part 2” and a “Part 3,” but I don’t know.

Ahem: 48 points, 12-15 FG, 24-24 FT.

I don’t know that there’s anything else to be said about Dirka Dirka. He has, essentially, two moves: the face-up, jab-step jumper and the back-down, “goose-step” jumper. Neither is pretty yet both are deadly effective. So yes, because I don’t know what to say about Dirk, I present you with this video. Try your hardest to watch the whole thing.

How many of those plays even make the SportsCenter Top 10 on any given night? One? Two? A top 10 of Dirk Nowitzki isn’t worth having, yet the folks at the NBA YouTube Channel decided, well, we know Dirk deserves this video, so we should make it, right? Dirk’s 23rd on the all-time scoring list right now, and considering his style–finesse, not getting hurt, not banging down low–it’s realistic to assume he has six or seven more 1,000-point seasons in him, which could vault him up to the 5-7 range.

All that’s great, but I’ll continue enjoying Dirk for a different reason. Look at all the great scorers in the NBA today, how many of them do you have absolute confidence in to score the ball every time? For me, there’s only one–the German guy with the long, blonde hair and the swag one can only get from hanging out with a bunch of black dudes for a decade.

P.S. If the world really is to end tomorrow, it’s been fun. Sorry that my final Just Right Sports’ blog couldn’t have been better. C+.

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