Kevin Durant is the Best Player in the NBA and Other Thoughts From Monday Night / Tuesday Morning

I don’t want to talk about the Celtics game because we should have won and I’m upset. But the Grizzlies-Thunder Game 4 marathon is quite enough material to write about at 2 A.M. But only in bullet points.

-Kevin Durant, make no mistake, is the best player in the NBA. You can’t guard him. He can guard you. It seems to me like he could run the point-forward a la LeBron if Westbrook (more on him soon) wasn’t running the show. Known for his calm demeanor, Durant, after Westbrook took one of his 50 or so bad shots, looked to be saying, “Why the fuck didn’t he get me the ball?” Well, next possession, he got the ball and knocked down a three. Then he blocked a shot and hit another two. Then he ran back to his bench after the Grizzlies called time, pumped his fist twice and hit his chest, and was swarmed by his teammates. Which is only notable because of the exact opposite reaction Westbrook got when the same thing happened a few minutes earlier. Even Nate Robinson was looking at Westbrook, as he cockily jaunted to the bench, like, “Yeah, okay, you made that one. Care to explain the last possession when you didn’t even look at Durant?”

-As if you couldn’t tell, I’m not too pleased with Westbrook. Playoff-high in points, sure. Big shots down the stretch, I suppose. But you have to run the offense through Durant. Have to. He’s too good to not touch the ball for possessions at a time, and the rest of the Thunder aren’t good enough scorers/shooters for Westbrook to play drive-and-dish.

-Marc Gasol is a top-five center in the league. Dwight Howard. Where do you go after that? Bynum? Bogut? Noah? Horford? Give me Gasol any day.

-Tony Allen. Still trick-or-treating.

-Greivis Vasquez? Shoutout Diego / kind-of Eddie.

-Finally, this was a while ago, but I remember watching a Thunder first-round game, and some announcer (maybe Mark Jackson) was talking about Nick Collison and how every NBA team should have five or six Nick Collisons. He then went on to describe Collison with every single stereotypical white boy trait available: hardworking, humble, never gives up, etc. He’s right that Collison is great, but by that logic, when I own an NBA team in 2040, I’ll want to build my team with Collison, Kevin Love (at small forward, no less), David Lee, Luke Ridnour, and JJ Redick. I mean I’ll do it but…

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