As Much As I Need Shaq…

I need Rondo more.

It’s an absolute disgrace that Rondo isn’t destroying the Bibby / Chalmers matchup right now. Yeah 20 points blah blah 12 assists blah. Six for eight from the free throw line. Sure. Here’s a fun stat: Ray Allen, Game 2, Seven shots. This is the same Ray Allen who has been lights out from all over the court in the playoffs (9-13, 5-8 from three in Game 1). It wasn’t like Miami was doing anything drastically different in Game 2 to prevent Ray from getting his shot. It just seemed like Rondo was getting the ball to Allen and Pierce too late or in the wrong spot. Ray kept having to run high pick and rolls, and Joel Anthony was hedging him out to 30 feet and then the offense had to start over.

That’s Rondo’s triple-double from Game 3 of the first round. Obviously there’s a different between a Mike D’Antoni Knicks defense and the Heat’s, but look how aggressive Rondo is in that video. He’s dictating from 17-20 feet instead of beyond the arc. He has not been doing that against Mike Bibby, who is one of the worst defensive guards in the league.

But I think he will, starting Saturday. And then the Heat will try something like switching D-Wade to Rondo. But then Bibby or Chalmers or James Jones will have to chase Ray Allen, and Ray will go off again. I’m sticking to my prediction: Celtics in 7. But if Rondo doesn’t change his game we have no chance.

Oh and Shaq wouldn’t hurt either.

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