Bruins win…I die a little inside

As I sit here finishing up my homework, I’ve decided to tell you a little about my evening.  To start things off, the fire alarm went off when I was in the shower today.  That may be the worst feeling in the world, by the way.  So as I stand outside in my Nuggets Nene jersey (who disappointed me) with my bright orange shorts on, I start talking to the people next door to me, also outside.  One of them, upset about the alarm, thought of the brilliant idea to put the Bruins game on through his window.  There we were outside, about 10 of us, mainly everyone besides me wrestling each other to catch a glimpse of the game.  The Bruins score, there up 3-2.  With 11 minutes left in the game I say to my roommate, “hey maybe we’ll actually be able to catch the new South Park at 10.”  We all know how that ended up…although I caught the re-run at midnight.

But back to the story.  After the celebration of the goal calmed down, I heard one of the girls say something along the lines of, “man, I’ve never cared so much about the Bruins in my life.”  That quote right there virtually sums up how I feel about bandwagon fans, especially Bruins ones.  They watch the game as something to do, rather then actually enjoying/knowing what’s going on.  As a matter of fact, my other roommate, who is a huge sports fan, admitted the other day that he’s one of the “bandwagon Bruin fans, who will watch the playoffs.”

Am I a nut?  Do I like sports that much that I get upset about other people enjoying them?  Yes, I am…and I do.  Another one of my friends from home, who will remain nameless (Munkley) said in a text to me when I told him I was watching the Grizzlies-Spurs game at my house rather then game 5 of the Bruins series to, “have some pride in my city.”  So the question I have for everyone on planet earth is, am I not a loyal Boston fan because I don’t care about the Bruins?  Does it make me a bad person if I’d rather watch the end of the Sixers-Heat game in my room by myself then watch a playoff hockey game in my common room?

I don’t know.  But all I know is, I hate Bruin bandwagon fans so much.  I can’t imagine if I was actually one of the true fans who had to listen to some schmuck waiting in line at a Stop & Shop discuss the team as if he knows anything.  It really got to the point that I was kind of hoping they would lose.  I mean, what are the pros?  Everyone can just worry about the Celtics now, there wouldn’t be any game conflicts in which I cuss out one of my friends for even thinking about switching to hockey while we’re battling the Heat, the Red Sox games won’t be put on “NESN plus” and the best part, of course, no godforsaken facebook status updates, informing me of the score of the game, who there favorite players are, and how much the refs suck.

What are the cons?  Everyone will be focused on the Celtics.  Yes, it’s a pro and a con.  Now all of the bandwagon hockey fans will have nothing to cheer for, so they’ll start posting about how, “Ray Ray’s my boy,” or, “C’mon Rondo, hit a shot!,” or, the classic, “Who is this guy we got for Perkins!  He’s not even good!”  The last con is that I will in fact be rooting against my local team, just out of spite.  Which makes me a bad person, but at the same time, I know some people got my back (Carnell).

That’s it for my rant.  Congrats Bruins, I guess.

P.S.  That South Park episode was hilarious.  I suggest you check it out.

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