WANTED: Orlando Magic Head Coach

I literally just finished watching the Magic-Hawks game and I came out of it disgusted.  No, I really don’t care too much if the Magic win this series, although I do like being right.  What I was really disgusted about was the whole Gilbert Arenas situation.  The man doesn’t touch the court in the previous game and now all of a sudden he’s on the court in crunch time.  Is it just me or is Stan Van Gundy an absolute moron.  Why haven’t people figured this out yet?  They traded away two of their key players from the start of the season to get this guy and now it takes a Jason Richardson suspension to get him on the court?  Is he really that bad that bizarro J-Rich (Q-Rich) and pretty boy J.J. Redick get time over him?  Apparently not, considering he was on the court with the game on the line tonight.

But who am I to judge?  I’m not a Magic fan.  If I was, then I would probably want to slit Stan Van’s fat wrist every time he lets Hedo,”was good from 2007-09″ Turkoglu run around for 10 seconds, while trailing by three, and heave up a desperation three that had no shot at going in.  There’s a reason this guy sucked in Phoenix and Toronto….it’s because HE sucks. Why not move the ball around and find the open shot?  If I’m not mistaken, every other player on the floor, minus Dwight, can rain the three.  I think it was Gilbert, Jameer, and JJ maybe?  I don’t know.  I’m just glad that I don’t live in Orlando.  If Stan Van has a job next year, something is not right with this world.

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