What if…Drew Bledsoe Had Never Been Injured?…good looks P-Man

This is the question all Patriot fans (and haters) have been asking themselves since 2001.  What if Mo Lewis had never destroyed Drew Bledsoe’s lungs?  Would we have won any of those Super Bowls?  Would we have been voted team of the decade?  Would Kevin Zagrodny have switched his allegiance to the Eagles?  Who knows.  What I do know, is that I write Mr. Lewis a thank you note after every big Pats win.   So let’s break this down.

Bledsoe was hurt in week 2, and we ended up losing that game…falling to 0-2.  We finished the season 11-5.

Now, if Bledsoe never gets hurt, I don’t know if we finish with the same record.  I feel like that first Super Bowl was won because of our defense, not Brady.  That being said, we were pretty terrible the year before…only winning 5 games.  Bledsoe was definitely a more established quarterback at the time then Brady, but Brady was just some young kid looking to prove himself.  It looked like the injury gave the whole team a burst of energy.  So I think that a healthy Bledsoe all year would leave us with an 8-8 record for the 2001-02 season.  Not bad, but it’s no Super Bowl.

The following season we go 7-9, and an unhappy Lawyer Milloy leaves via free agency.  There is much chatter about how Bledsoe should be replaced and how Belichick just can’t cut it as an NFL head coach(he struggled with the Browns as well).

The next draft, 2003, the Patriots decide to draft a quarterback to replace the aging Bledsoe.  Looking over the actual draft, Kyle Boller was drafted 19th overall by the Ravens…a pick they acquired from the Patriots.  Also, Sexy Rexy Grossman was drafted with the 22nd pick.  I think we end up with Boller….and since our original pick that year was Ty Warren, we decide to scoop up a defensive end in the second round who becomes….Osi Umenyiora.  I’m gonna stop doing that round for round thing, because I would absolutely get carried away….wikipedia’s a great website.

But back to this, we suffer through a few more weeks of Bledsoe the following season before benching him for Boller.  Boller becomes a very serviceable player under Belichick, leading the Pats to the playoffs multiple times over the next few years.  But just like Baltimore did in real life, we cut ties with him after the 2007-08 season after failing to win a Super Bowl and replace him with none other then…Joe Flacco.

It’s too bad the 2008 draft class was so weak because in my hypothetical world we just became the Baltimore Ravens.  But whatever.  In this completely ridiculous segment I call “what if,” if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt, we would not know who Tom Brady is, Joe Flacco would currently be our starting quarterback, and Osi Umenyiora would be anchoring our defense.  Obviously, there are thousands of other trades/picks/players getting cut that would have taken place, so this is all complete nonsense…especially because I don’t know too much about football.  But yeah, we wouldn’t have won three super bowls if we didn’t play the Jets in week 2 of the 2001-02 season.  So thanks Mo Lewis, for making Jets fans feel even more terrible about themselves.

Btw, if anyone wants to see me write a “what if,” just let me know.  Whether you’d like to see what my input actually is, or if you want me to look foolish on the internet, it doesn’t matter.  Writing these just gives me something to do on a boring afternoon.  K byee.

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One Response to What if…Drew Bledsoe Had Never Been Injured?…good looks P-Man

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    If Bledsoe does not get hurt Brady does not marry Giselle Bundchen (or date Bridget Moynihan).

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