Losing My Vin-sanity

So last night I stayed awake and watched the entire triple overtime thriller between the Lakers and Suns.  Really good game.  I found myself rooting against the Lakers, naturally, so I was getting a little bit into it.  When Charlie Frye hit a big three or Steve Nash had a great pass I would get pretty excited.  Then when Kobe or The Ostrich hit a shot I would get all pissed off.

I was a Suns fan for a night.  Which makes me a Vince Carter fan…right?  God forbid I hope I never utter that phrase again.  Not once have I watched a basketball game and knew, with such confidence, that a ball wasn’t going in.  Which shot(s) were they?  Every single one of Carter’s shots from the fourth quarter on.  It’s almost like this guy wants to lose.  He’ll play well all game (generally) and when the team needs him to step up in a big moment he will ALWAYS choke.  I couldn’t even imagine being a die hard Raptor or Net fan during his stints there.  He was the “go-to” guy on those teams.  You wonder why his teams never win?  It’s because he is just plain horrible.  That was the difference in last nights game.  Every Laker on the floor in crunch time could make a play, but only four Suns could.  I noticed he was “unintentionally” left open a few times.  That was probably one of Phil Jackson’s ridiculous schemes.  Man do I hate you Vince.

Well, venting time is over.

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One Response to Losing My Vin-sanity

  1. Peter Gilcoine says:

    How could you forget this…

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