Just, Clueless

As I sit here beginning to fill out my first bracket, I am completely overwhelmed.  This is the first time in years that I really think about 17 teams can win…or at least get to the Final 4.  Like, is Duke really going to repeat?  I hate Duke, I don’t want to pick them.  Maybe Texas will beat them.  I ended up with North Carolina in my Final 4…but that can’t be right, can it?  Do I really have St. Johns in my Elite 8?  Is Gonzaga going to beat them in round 1 and completely dismantle my bracket?  Yes, probably.  But whatever, I love this.

Thank god I’m on spring break this week because I would be getting absolutely no work done.  Even as I’m writing this I glanced over at my bracket to figure out why UNC is in the championship game.  Probably because I still have a grudge against Ohio State due to the fact that I had them winning it all twice in the last few years (thanks a lot Greg Oden, Evan Turner), or because, Kentucky can’t get there, can it?  I’m going to struggle through this for the next couple days….Thursday can’t come soon enough….but in the mean time….COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

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