Kid’s Ignorant

Bill Waltons great, Robbie.  Much better then Donnie Marshall who announces like hes Stevie Wonder.  Guy has some hilarious lines when he needs to, and Tommy can’t travel anymore.  How about we let him dabble huh?

Oh and by the way….the Celts looked real nice tonight.  Pretty sure Delonte’s going to single handily win us a playoff series….and Jeff Green is filthy.  Danny Ainge knows what’s good, Celtic haters.

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One Response to Kid’s Ignorant

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    I like them all, Tommy. Donny and Bill. But the one I liked the best was Couz. I used to love that sigh he would make when the Celtics were packing in or not playing smart basketball – which was the case before the big three.

    As for the trade, I must admit I had no idea of who Krstic is, but he had 6 offensive rebounds in his first game – that is usually a weekly total for the team. It will be interesting if he keeps up the energy. He could use another vowel or two in his name.

    Green looks like young stud. I think he will strive under the tutelage of the big three, plus one (Rond0).

    Delonte is so much better than Nate. Did you see how Delonte took over last night’s game in the 4rth. No way Nate would be able to run the offense for 10 minutes like Delonte.

    I am old school so I love Perkins’ game. I feel saddened with his departure after 8 years with the Celtics, but that is the nature of professional sports where players bounce around and owners trade players seemingly randomly.

    From last year’s playoff team the Celtics have lost Perkins, Wallace, Robinson, and have replaced them O’Neill (Shaq – not Jermaine who is a stiff), West, Green, Krstic and whoever Ainge adds before the playoff deadline which is soon approaching. Ainge has rolled the dice, I hope he has rolled a 4 and 3.

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