Homecoming, of sorts.

Now that everyone has had time to let the trade(s) sink in, tell me, what’s so bad about it?  Um Jeff Green is a really good player.  Having him come off the bench or play crunch time at the 4, which Doc said he’s wanted to do since James Posey left, is going to be phenominal.  Did anyone else realize that we’re in first place, with Perk pretty much being out the entire season?  Big Baby’s been playing down the stretch even with him back.

I love listening to these ESPN knuckleheads discuss the trade like they have any idea what they’re talking about.  Do you really think that Danny Ainge isn’t going to get another big man?  Once we pick up a serviceable big man or two, all of these “experts” are going to be calling Ainge a genius…again.

By the way, for anyone who thinks we”re dumb for trading the whole team, just think about that statement.  We gave up Semi Erden, who is essentially Nenad Krstic.  Nate hasn’t hit a shot all season….not to mention Delonte and hell, even Von Wafer are way more useful than him this year.  Oh, and Marquis is out for the season.  So everyone take the gun out of your mouths, because the Celtics are going to be fine.

One more thing, I saw Ric Bucher today put the Thunder as the West’s second best team….ahead of the Spurs, because of Perk.  Just a heads up, Thunder fans, Perk is going to have no discipline in OKC.  His head’s going to be so huge.  I guarantee that he’ll try to take over games on the offensive end, and end up creating a hostile environment with Westbrook and Durant.  No way is he going to take a backseat to guys he’s older then.  The only reason he was effective with us was because he plays with about four future Hall of Famers who put him in his place.  Once J. Green does the same, he could become a big time player for us.  Can’t wait to see us at full strength.

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One Response to Homecoming, of sorts.

  1. Darius Varmahmoodi says:

    I could not agree more, Dave!

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