NBA All-Star Weekend Predictions

Dunk contest: Not even worth saying that Blake Griffin will dominate Vince Carter 2000 style and score at least two 50s. But hey done and doner, I guess. Dark Horse: Sergeballu LaMu Sayonga Loom Walahas Jonas Hugo Ibaka. I’ve only seen him play a few times, but he’s a freak athlete. And I wanted to type that name.

Skills contest: Slightly more interesting. Might as well count out John Wall and Russell Westbrook, I wouldn’t exactly call them “skill-oriented point guards.” Then again, I wouldn’t say that about Derrick Rose, but I’m picking him anyway. Of course, the one-legged Chris Paul will go out and win and I’ll feel dumb, but, and you can call me old-fashioned, I like my point guards with both legs. Dark horse: Stephen Curry. Slower than the rest of the field, but I could just see him rattling off a round with no misses or bobbles or anything like that. Guy’s amazing.

Three-Point shootout: Ray Allen. I don’t think he’ll miss. Plus the balls will be rigged in his favor to capitalize on his record. Dark horse: James Jones. But who cares, it’s the three-point contest.

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