Checkin’ in with Todd Maccullouch

(Yes, that man was in the NBA)

Whoever had pinball wizard in the “where will Todd Maccullouch be age 35” pool just hit themselves the jackpot.  That’s right, the former NBA big man now “spends much of his time playing pinball and drinking from his own Slurpee machine in the game room of his 6,000-square-foot home.”  Does that sound like the most fun ever?  You’re damn right it does.  I can’t think of many things that I’d rather do if I had millions of dollars then buy a slurpee machine.  In fact, I’ve had many obnoxious talks with my friends about buying a slurpee machine, half-kidding, of course.

But Todd here is just living the dream….and I’m no world class interpreter, but I’m pretty sure he just hated playing basketball. Listen to this..  “I don’t want to turn a hobby and something I’ve always enjoyed into something where I have to go practice.”  Doesn’t that sound like the thoughts of every disgruntled teenager who’s been forced to practice sports, rather then do something fun like, oh I don’t know, drink slurpees and play pinball?  Awesome Todd.  The best part about all of this is how he can’t even stand anymore, due to all of his foot injuries.  To put it in perspective, “I had a podiatrist tell me I had a Hummer body on Toyota feet.”  Amen, sir.  Amen.  I recommend you read the whole article…it’s so delightful.

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One Response to Checkin’ in with Todd Maccullouch

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Rocco – Where do you find these articles on these has beens. Todd made a lot of money for playing for such a short time – what a country! Good luck to Todd the Pinball Wizard. Maybe the Who will make a Rock Opera about Todd.

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