Don’t Be Fooled, Nugget Fans

Contrary to what he just stated the other day, Carmelo Anthony will not “take a long hard look at” staying in Denver.  He’s had about 3 years to think about the possibility of re-signing with the Nuggets.  Why would he suddenly have a change of heart?  Is it because he doesn’t like getting booed at home anymore?  Is it because he knows a trade probably won’t happen before the deadline?  The only reason he’s doing this is so the fans will be all up on his nuts to try to convince him to stay (see James, Lebron).  If in fact he doesn’t get traded by February 24th(?) then he will say all the right things to get all of Denver’s panties in a bunch.  Then, come summer time, he’ll very casually, without hesitation, sign with the Knicks.  There is no chance that he will be a Nugget next season.  It’s a shame, because this awesome commercial shown below will be completely and utterly useless.

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