Rick Reilly Writes Something Less Than Tolerable

The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers are the exact same team.


“Both teams have no cheerleaders.” Okay. Okay.

“Both teams wear yellow pants.” Now you’re starting to lose me.

“And finally, you have to pull a hammy to find a way to hate either team.” That’s funny. I can think of at least one…

To clarify, I used to enjoy Rick Reilly’s writing. His “Life of Reilly” article in Sports Illustrated was the only thing I looked forward to reading every week. I had some of them hung up in my room.

But now, he speaks in nothing but cliches. He’s completely obsessed with himself–take a look at ESPN’s Life of Reilly page, specifically the article titles on the slide show. “Rick Reilly.” And he recycles content.

Also, his paragraphs are really short.

Like this short.

This short.

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