Nate Robinson Channels The Inner Greg Paulus That We All Knew He Had In Him

That title is really quite misleading, as it just as easily could have been any Duke player ever. Kyle Singler. Jon Scheyer. Grant Hill. Class acts, those Dukies — no, not the lacrosse players. Let’s not get carried away.

Nate was all over the floor last night in a second half comeback win over the Kings. He did a multitude of things that I’d never seen him do before. He dove on the floor a few times; He passed up several open shots — Nate Robinson. Nate Robinson. At one point, he grabbed a rebound and, in a clear putback situation, settled the ball and passed to Rondo for the reset. He even passed up an opportunity to show up DeMarcus Cousins when Cousins airballed a 3 after making fun of Nate’s little arm flappy thing that my Mom hates. You can strike that from the record — but my Mom still hates it.

On the real though, that is exactly what I want out of Nate every night. It’s the type of game that won’t even get him on the ESPN game recap. Nate had 5 steals last night — even Rondo and his freak hands don’t get 5 steals a game. Rondo didn’t even have to play the last eight or so minutes. That could be huge down the stretch. Rondo is so herky-jerky that he’s bound to pull/sprain/strain something before the end of the year. Mark it eight, dude.

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One Response to Nate Robinson Channels The Inner Greg Paulus That We All Knew He Had In Him

  1. Mom says:

    It’s true – I hate the victory dance, flapping arms after every good play. I lose interest in the showboats.

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