What We’ve Learned

What have we learned over these past few weeks?  Most importantly, the Celtics are the best team in basketball.  No if’s and’s or but’s about it.  I know it’s early, but right now I think we have the upper hand on the Lakers.  Once our whole second unit is healthy, look out.

Speaking of the second unit, Doc, I have a very important message for you.  Don’t you ever, ever, use Nate Robinson as our point guard again.  He’ll just end up taking a bunch of dumb, forced shots, and, more importantly, give me a bundle of headaches.  I’m not saying bench him, however.  Have you noticed how well he’s played in these last two games(Kings and Lakers)?  Is it any coincidence that for the majority of the time he was out there, Rondo was out there with him?  Let Rondo or Delonte (hopefully soon) run the point and let Nate come off screens and drain three’s.  Why do you think Ray gets all of these open looks?  Usually, it is because Rondo finds him at the right time.  Nate is a great shooter.  Let’s use him as the shooting guard.  Alright, good talk, I’ll see you out there.

I need no know why is everyone all of a sudden worried about the Lakers?  Is it because Jerry West called them old?  News flash, the Celtics are much, much older.  Remember last year when everyone said we were all washed up and such?  Look what happened.  The Lakers are just taking a page out of the Celtics book.  Coasting through the regular season, only to turn it up in the playoffs.  I have never heard so many doubters about a team who has won back-to-back championships.  It’s silly…..But with all that being said, they may need a spark.  I think trying to deal Ron Artest might be the right move.  Not because he’s lost it, (which he has) but just because he’s out of his damn mind.  He’s got his ring, so I bet he has just become totally disinterested in the regular season (see Wallace, Rasheed).  Maybe he could just sit the rest of the season out, resurrect his rap career, then hop back on the squad for the playoff push.  I’m sure that would go over just fine with Colonel Phil Jackson.

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