The Great Debate

For some reason the main story that has been headlining ESPN for the past couple of days has been the Jay Cutler “injury.”  I honestly have no idea why some players are commenting about this.   If you’re looking to see jealousy at its finest then feel free to check out Asante Samuels’, or Maurice Jones-Drews’, twitter pages.  Maybe he could have played through it, maybe not, no one will ever know.  Everyone’s body is different.  I’m sure that if he could have played he would have.  It was the damn NFC Championship Game for Christ’s sake.  But yeah, keep talking Asante.  Maybe next year you can drop another Super Bowl winning interception, sound good?…Prick.

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One Response to The Great Debate

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Rocco – I agree with you. I am still mad at Asante Samuels for missing that pick in the Pats last Super Bowl. Gotta let go one of these days!

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