Please?..and thank you.

So as first reported by Stephen A. Smith, I mean Brendan Carnell, apparently my man Rasheed is thinking about a comeback to the Celtics.  Where have I heard this before?  Oh I don’t know.  Maybe on this very blog on say, October 16th?  Or was it December 8th?  Both?  Yeah, it’s both.  But that’s besides the point.  As we enter our annual post-Christmas-loss-to-the-Magic-collapse, I was beginning to become disinterested in watching this squad until the playoffs came around.  I was in attendance for the losses to the Hornets on New Years Eve, and also at Monday’s embarrassing loss to the Yao Ming-less Rockets.  This team just lacks that desire without a healthy Garnett running around out there.  The only players who seem to be trying are the ones trying to earn a spot in the post season rotation.  Von Wafer is trying to take minutes away from a soon to be healthy Delonte West, and Luke Harangody is just trying not to make a fool of himself…and as mentioned by my co-pilot, Marquis is playing lights out.

So as I sit here, watching them easily beat the Kings, I see an interview with Sir A. Sherrod Blakely in which he discussed Jermaine O’Neal’s knee and how we should be  “concerned.”  Now, Sherrod, why should I ever be concerned about that?  Is it a coincidence that we’re winning while Semih Erden is playing his minutes?  I think not.  Jermaine is just straight awful.  To quote my brother, who I went to the game with, about Jermaine, “it’s amazing that this guy was an all star six years ago.”  Watching him, and hoping for him to return to his all star ways, is so painful.  Dude’s packed on like 10 pounds during each of his  eleven knee surgeries.  Hang it up, Jermaine.

With Jermaine gone, and with Perk’s pending comeback from ACL surgery, why bring back Sheed you ask?  He can’t even run up and down the court, you say.  Let’s analyze the big man situation.  Come playoff time, with everyone healthy, we’d have Garnett, Big Baby, Shaq, Perk, Semih and Sheed.  Garnett and Baby play the four, no dilemma there.  I think Shaq stays in the starting lineup.  Here’s why.  Perk’s knee won’t be 100 percent at all this year, so why rush him back?  Have Shaq start and do what he’s been doing.  That is, get us off to a hot start, play effective D, and get the crowd going with an oop or two.  You’ll have Perk come in to spot Shaq for about 10-15 minutes a game, roughly.  Play the same D and just work his way back into game shape.  That’ll leave Sheed to spread the floor, whenever we need them.  Those three would have a great time share and play whoever matches up the best with each opponent.  This way no one would get worn down, like Sheed did in Game 7, and we have three veterans who are very capable of clogging the middle against the best in the league.  It’s all about EIGHTEEN.

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4 Responses to Please?..and thank you.

  1. JGriff says:

    believe it or not it was 4 years ago…

  2. Corleto Bob says:

    I am not too keen about Sheen coming back. He was in poor shape last year as evidenced by his lack of stamina in game 7 and I have no reason to believe that he has been staying in shape in “retirement”.

    • Fine China says:

      I think he’d be fine. It’s the old Brett-Favre-skip-training-camp-so-I-don’t-keel-over-and-die strategy — a classic. Except for Sheed, it’ll be the first 50-60 games. No big deal. Like Rocco said: EIGHTEEN.

  3. Corleto Bob says:

    If Sheed joins the Celtics at around the game 50 mark he should have no problem surpassing Dwight Howard in technicals.

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