That’s enough, Carmelo Anthony

The latest trade rumor surrounding Carmelo Anthony may be the most ridiculous of them all.   I’m not going to get into the specifics of this trade because apparently it could involve 15-17 players, so I’ll let this article explain it.  But on a serious note, why has Melo been demanding a trade?  Is he just upset that his fellow class of ’03 draftees had buttloads of fun last offseason, and now he wants his turn to piss off the entire NBA world?  Does he really think the Nets will win a championship this decade?  Whatever.  Either way, this whole story is really starting to annoy me.  If I’m a Nugget fan, I boo this guy every time he touches the ball during home games.  I mean, how much of a scum bag are you, sir?  You’re playing for Denver right now, but in the meantime you’re trying to redesign the Nets to you’re liking as if you’re running a goddamn fantasy basketball team.  How is this guy not going to be more of a villain then Lebron?  As much as I hate Lebron and wish the worst for him, at least he didn’t openly say he was leaving while he was playing for the Cavs.  Yes, he may have quit in the playoffs, but who really knows?  At least he said the right things.  Anthony is pretty much saying that he doesn’t give a rats ass about his fans and, especially, his teammates.  I hope he goes to New Jersey and thinks that him, an aging Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups and Brook Lopez is going to make him better off then he is in Denver.  Have fun missing the playoffs, jerk.

With all that being said, if he goes to the Knicks and teams up with Amar’e and Felton then that is a smart move on all sides.  I just see no appeal in going to Jersey, even if they are going to Brooklyn.  Why not go to L.A. and team up with Blake?  That could get all sorts of sexy.

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