Update: Stevie “Franchise” Francis cut from Chinese team

Recently, Rocco named The Franchise his Legend of the Week. Since then, Steve Francis has been tearing it up in the Chinese League with the Beijing Ducks.

Actually, through four games, Francis totaled 14 minutes and a whopping 0.5 points per game to go with a staggering 0.7 rebounds per game. I’m no math wiz (used to be, but the Asian in me wore off in third grade), but doesn’t that mean a total two (2) points?

Also, Rocco and I couldn’t quite figure this out: 0.7 rebounds per game x 4 games = 2.8 rebounds? Does it mean 0.67, 2/3 RPG? No, because that would be 3.3 rebounds. It wouldn’t be .75 RPG, because they would round up, no? Do they count differently in China? Are they rounding down to keep Francis from looking good with those 0.8 RPG? As El Pres would say, free Ball Don’t Lie t-shirt to anyone who can figure this out, @Corleto Bob?

/scratches head.

Anyway, one would think that Francis could score at least 20 a game just foolin’ on Yao’s and Yi’s if he just did this a few times each game, specifically play #4:

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everybody. Especially you, Steve Francis. Oddly enough, nobody has contacted us about sponsoring¬† yet. We’re for sale, Steve, and you may just have enough Yen in your bank account to make this thing work.

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