The Secret to Success

You want to know why the Pacers are so good this year?  Ask assistant coaches/former Celtic stars Vitaly Potapenko and Walter McCarty.  Jim O’Brien is a genius.  What better way to match the early 2000’s success by the Celtics then to add two of the most influential pieces to those teams?  I’m sure Walter just  jacks up threes at practice and teaches the players how to be loved by everyone.  While Vitaly probably teaches the young guys how to not box out and how to look petrified when a teammate throws the ball to you underneath the hoop.  Either way, no one is ever going to beat Walter in a three point contest. Ever.

(Look at the crisp cross-court pass by ‘Twoine.  Guarantee he can still get it done.)

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One Response to The Secret to Success

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Antoine Walker will soon be joining the Pacers as a three point shot threat

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