T.O. up to his old tricks

Good to see Terrell Owens didn’t forget who he was.  After having a let down year by his standards for the Bills last season, Mr. Owens is having a pretty solid year, statistically….and since he is playing like a superstar again, why can’t he talk like a superstar?  In case you haven’t heard, on Vh1’s show the other night (you know, the one about the two receivers who are in love with each other and would much rather make fools out of themselves then win a superbowl) Owens pretty much called out the entire coaching staff…as a matter of fact, he said,

-“Of course, we have to go out there and play the game. But in order for us to do what we’re allowed to do at the best of our abilities, the coaches have to put the players in the best position.”

You’re right, Terrell.  The reason you guys are losing is because the defensive coordinator allows 30 points a game, and Marvin Lewis throws a pick once every three throws(seriously, how overrated is THAT guy).  Let’s be real for a second.  Coaching matters.  A lot.  Good coaches can win you games and bad coaches can lose you games.  But there’s only so much a coach can do.  The best coach isn’t going to win every year.  I don’t think Marvin Lewis is a good coach.  But I don’t think he’s this bad either.  You’d think that at some point T.O. and Ochocinco could figure something out with Palmer.  It amazes me that this team is 2-11…and the fact that you said this on a T.V. show just makes you look  so much worse.  Congrats on ruining another relationship with a quarterback, moron.

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