Important Things..with Dave Griffin

So over the passed week or so, some pretty big stuff went down.  I’ve been dying to blog about it, but my colleague needed me to go on a hiatus.  Confused?  Don’t be.  The good news is, I get to write one big-super-mega-fun post.  Hooray!

So as you know, the Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez and he is “ready to beat the Yanks.”  Just wonderful, Adrian.  During that press conference he said that his second dream was to play for the Red Sox.  Let’s get real here.  Your dream is to make millions of dollars and have a shot at winning.  It was never your dream to play in Boston.  I can guarantee that Carl Crawford will say the same in his Boston (please?) news conference.  Either way, this should be a fun year.  Let’s just hope New York doesn’t ruin our fun and sign Cliff Lee and trade for Zack Greinke.  Jerks.

P.S.  I’m so glad the Nationals paid so much for Jayson Werth(less).  He’ll prove to be one of the biggest busts of the past 25 years and I’m glad it wasn’t you, Theo.

Double P.S.  I know you liked that Jayson Werthless name drop.  It’s never been done before by anyone.  Ever.

The Jets are terrible.  Mark Sanchez is terrible.  Rex Ryan is fat.  That is all.

I can’t stand Sportscenter anymore.  Why do I care about watching the Vikings injury report?  Brett Favre is injured.  Oh no!!  The poor guy.  We all know he’s going to start this week.  Leaving one of the two scenarios to happen:  a.  He plays well, and there’s a whole segment dedicated to how tough he is and how he’s keeping the Vikings playoff hopes alive, or b.  He plays horrible, and Tavaris Jackson comes in late in the game to replace him…which would ultimately lead to a whole segment talking about how he wasn’t 100 percent and how we’ve seen the last of him.  This is also the last time I will ever talk about Brett Favre, except when he gets put in the retirement home in 5 years.

One more thing.  I’m setting the over/under at 60 days until Sheed makes his triumphant return to the Celts.  Sixty days is just enough time for Jermaine to come back, then reinjure himself, and be out for the year….It’s all about EIGHTEEN.

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3 Responses to Important Things..with Dave Griffin

  1. Brendan William Carnell says:

    “Double P.S. I know you liked that Jayson Werthless name drop. It’s never been done before by anyone. Ever.”

    Nope, it was dropped December 6, 2010 by Brendan Carnell. I’m filing plagiarism charges effective immediately.

  2. Rocco says:

    O so sowwy brendan

  3. Corleto Bob says:

    Welcome back from your haitus. Missed your insights. What do think of the rumors associated with Beltran coming here. With him and Drew the Sox may get a 162 games out of them – together.

    As for Werthless I figure he is a healthy version of JD Drew. Drew gets $14 m per year for playing 120 games, batting .270 with 20 HR and 70 RBI. Werth will hit about the same but give you 162 games, 25 home runs and 90 RBI (the RBI count will drop in Washington, however.)

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