Chill out, Steve

Welcome to the Kyle Brotzman suicide watch club, Steve Johnson.  Those pesky Buffalo Bills just saw their playoff hopes disappear when Mr. Johnson dropped that shoulda-been game winning TD in overtime.  Wait what?  They were already 2-8 and all but eliminated anyways?  So why is this guy Johnson saying comments like,

-“It comes down to one play and you drop the ball,” Johnson said. “We’ll bounce back, of course. The season’s not over yet. We’re going to have to bounce back, and we will.”…and

“I’ll never get over it. Ever. The Buffalo Bills will get over it, but I won’t. You’re a receiver. You don’t drop the ball. I won’t get over it.”

We serious, bro?  I mean I get it.  You’re upset that you blew the game.  Let’s look at both sides here.  On the plus side, you’re helping your team get a higher draft pick, and, more importantly, people actually know who you are now.

On the negative side, you look like a moron because of the shenanigans you pulled the previous week(see above picture), and you just gave this poor guy another reason to have a heart attack (if he hasn’t already croaked).

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