70 wins eh?

Confused about that photo?  You should be.  But I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t be confused about, is the fact that the Heat are 8-6.  So much for that 70 win party huh?  I know it’s early, and they are clearly going to be a 50 win team or so, but they have a serious problem.  The only guy who likes to rebound, Udonis Haslem, is out for possibly the entire season (because you know Bosh doesn’t like to do that).  They really need a big man who can defend the likes of Dwight and Shaq, but I don’t see that happening…at least not this year.  I’m not gonna jump to conclusions on this team yet, but I’m glad people are starting to realize that the Heat aren’t some unstoppable God.  They’ll be an above average team in the East for the next couple years until they get some more depth.

One more note, why don’t they just put Lebron at center?  Guy is clearly athletic and strong enough to match up with anyone in the NBA.  I should coach this team. Peace out Spoelstra.

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