The second coming?

Poor Greg Oden.  Poor Trail Blazers.  These two sides just can’t catch a break.  As we are witnessing Kevin Durant soar into the NBA’s elite, we are still wondering when Oden will be able to play a full season, or half of one for that matter.  I saw this picture on ESPN when the injury first happened, about how all of the Blazers top picks have turned out to be busts for them.  The only two I remembered were Sam Bowie (hehe) and Bill Walton.  So this is when I got to thinking.  Wait, didn’t Bill Walton turn into a great player off the bench for several championship teams?  Why can’t Oden do the same?  It’s not like he’s going to be a franchise savior anymore.  That time has come and gone.  But why can’t he get a fresh start from someone in a couple years (Celtics) and become the enforcer off the bench off while playing about 20 minutes a game?  I hope the best for Greg, even though he lost me my March Madness pool when his Ohio State Buckeyes fell to the ugly Noahs.  So I hereby am proclaiming that, after these next two seasons, the Celtics bring in Oden for some instant offense to back up Perkins.  Maybe keep the dynasty going?  Let’s hope.

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