Legend of the Week

This is a special legend of the week, boys and girls.  For it is my wonderful father’s and, more importantly, just right comment expert, “Corletto” Bob Griffin’s birthday.  What a better way to honor my dad then with his favorite all time baseball player, Nellie Fox.  Nellie was a multi-talented player in his days with the White Sox and Astros.  But what I remember best about Mr. Fox is when he got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995(?)  My dad threw a huge party at our house to congratulate him.  Although I was young, I still have partial images of that party.  I saw people there that I’ve only seen three times in my whole life…at both mine and my brother’s high school graduation parties, and at the Nellie Fox Hall of Fame induction party.  That may be an exaggeration, but one thing that cant be exaggerated is my dad’s love for Nellie Fox.  I have never seen someone love a player as much as he loves him.  Hell, I wish I liked anyone that much, let alone a professional athlete.  So my hats off to you, Nellie Fox, and more importantly Corletto Bob.  Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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One Response to Legend of the Week

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Awesome – 08-97 HOF gazie mille

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