They still have sports in Cleveland?

Who woulda thunk?  I turned on the Patriots game Sunday and to my surprise they were playing the Cleveland Browns…and not only playing the Browns, but LOSING to them.  Wow.  Didn’t they move to Baltimore or something?  Wait, what?  They got another team?  Crazy.  I thought they just deleted the city of Cleveland, or the entire state of Ohio, once Lebron left.  I mean, the king is gone.  Why even bother playing still?  I’m officially setting the plus-minus for any Cleveland sport being relevant at 5 years.  Any thoughts?  Sadly, I still think the Cavs are their best team.  Unless they have a hockey team?  What’s hockey?  They have a team here in Boston right?

Alright, that’s enough criticizing for one post.  But come on, really Pats?  That’s the definition of a trap game.  With the Steelers, Colts, Lions, and Jets on tap for the next four, we’ll find out where this team is really at.

As for the Celtics, this team looks better then advertised.  Keeping the core intact was definitely key for this team.  KG’s knee looks healthy, Ray and Pierce are playing well, and Rondo could potentially win the MVP.  Last nights game was great to watch, except that we got Dirk’d.  Not like it matters.  Dallas clearly isn’t winning the West with that supporting cast of washups.  Seriously.  How long has it been since Caron Butler and Shawn Marion were relevant?  I kinda like Mark Cuban though.

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