October Sports Roundup

This post was originally published in The Colby Echo on November 3, 2010, which was before Randy Moss signed with the Titans. Ignore that portion. Click to read.

A lot has happened in the sports world in the past month. The NBA season, with several new-look franchises, is under way. The NFL season is heating up and playoff pictures are taking form. Hockey’s been happening for a while now, but nobody seems to have noticed. And some other major American pastime just held its annual champagne dousing.

Let’s start with the NBA. After being trounced by the Boston Celtics to kick off the season, the Miami Heat have run off three straight, dominant wins. LeBron, Wade & Co. seem to be finding their stride, even without Mike Miller. A former Rookie of the Year and Sixth Man of the Year winner, Miller is a versatile player who has never gotten the credit he deserves. Miller stopped shooting two years ago, only hoisting seven shots per game (down from 15 in 2007) despite shooting 50 percent. The problem was that, in Minnesota, Miller was the only legitimate perimeter scoring threat. Now, with two of the best players in the league surrounding him, Miller should be able to make it rain freely. Once he’s healthy, the Heat will be able to spread the floor like no other team in the league. As a Celtics fan, I dread that day. Color me scared.

Two NFL teams dominated the headlines during the past week and, fittingly, they faced off in week eight of the season. The New England Patriots defeated the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, 28-18, boosting the Pats to the top of the league (6-1) and sending the Vikings to the cellar of the NFC North (2-5). But something else, something more important, something ground-shaking happened. Brett Favre got a boo-boo on his chin (I know, I know, everybody and their mother has made a Favre joke. But I still get mine, right?).

Now, I’m not a professional athlete (just a mediocre college one), but I’d like to think that if I were, I would know when to retire. For Favre, that time has passed. Thrice. Now, at 41, not only is the man risking his life every time he steps on the field, he’s ruining his legacy with crucial interceptions and (alleged of course) inappropriate sexts. Time to hang ’em up, Brett. Hopefully Wrangler Jeans won’t drop you like the Pats did.

By now, anybody who’s reading this column has probably seen Randy Moss publicly praise Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization as he interviewed himself after the Vikes’ loss. Moss basically admitted that he misses having an under-40 quarterback and heavily implied his desire to play for the Pats again.

Well Randy, it looks like you might get your wish. As Barstool Sports’ Jerry Thornton intimated last week, isn’t it possible that Belichick gave Moss away knowing that exactly this would happen? Here, Randy, take a few games off in Minnesota. We’ll grab another receiver and a draft pick. After you tank against us in week eight, do your thing, cause some problems, and we’ll have you back in a flash.

And really, why not take him back? At this point, people (I) don’t expect much from him other than playing the decoy. So if he makes one or two big plays per game, he’s doing his job. Having Moss as a deep threat will only open up the field for the new regime of Welker, Woodhead and Hernandez to rack up first downs. Brilliant move by Belichick. Hey, Bill, call me if you feel like writing a guest column for the Echo.

Oh, and the San Francisco Giants won the World Series: the October Classic. In November. So…there’s that.

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