My Man

Longtime Celtic captain Paul Pierce just dropped his 20,000 point in last nights win vs. the Bucks.  The real question is, where does he rank all time?  He’s third in points, but about 1000th in career championships.  He’s played on some real good teams, but he’s also played on some horrible teams.  I didn’t have the chance to watch all of the Celtic dynasties, so my opinion isn’t nearly as valid as someone who’s been there for all of the glory days.  If I had to rank Pierce, I’d probably place him in the top 10.  I can’t say definitely because there were so many great players.  But from my eyes, Pierce has been clearly the best Celtic since Bird, with the exception of Antoine Walker, of course.  He’s only got one ring, so the finals loss last year absolutely hurt his legacy.  However, if he can snag another ring or two in these next two years, he could easily supplement himself into the top 5.  Up there with the Bird’s, Cousy’s and Russell’s.  That being said, the entire justright blogging staff will be in attendance for the game tomorrow, so thanks for waiting.  Jerk….by the way, this team is so much fun to watch this year I can’t stand it.  Rondo is a freak.  We’re playing like a team on a mission.  I’m excited.

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