Oh Charlie Boy

O silly Charlie Villanueva.  Don’t you know cardinal rule number 1?  Anything that happens on the court stays there…except herpes, that ish will stay with you forever.  But seriously, so what if KG called you a cancer patient.  That news is so irrelevant it’s not even funny.  Honestly, how many times have you been made fun of in your life, Charlie?  Just swallow your pride and don’t let the big bad bully KG boss you around.  I’ve got an idea, how about you play better so you can have something to say back to him rather then, “I’d love to get in the ring with him and exploit his weaknesses.”  Well, good thing he’s not a boxer, but a basketball player…and clearly a much better one then you.  How cool do you feel, Charlie?  Posting it on twitter?  You posted that because you didn’t want to confront him in the game, and you’re hoping the emperor David Stern will do something about it.  Snitches get stitches son.  I can’t wait to read his little twitter post once he comes to Boston.  Maybe the Pistons will actually have a win by then.

P.S.  If KG really did say this I’d hope he was lashing back and forth with him the whole game and he was in the heat of the moment.  Cancer is no joke.

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