Legend of the Week

Vince Carter.  After watching the Magic-Heat game, I felt obligated to criticize someone on Orlando.  Why not Vince?  Quite possibly the worst clutch player of all time, along with his cousin Tracy McGrady.  He really just brings nothing to the table anymore.  He can’t soar like he did in Toronto, and he has never been able to hit the big shot.  Is it a fluke that he had his worst season ever, in arguably his most important season ever?  I think not.  Last season in Orlando was supposed to help save his legacy as being an overrated, selfish player.  But watching that team last year, with him replacing the Turkish fire Hedo Turkoglu, he just looked so lost.  When he’s not the main player with the ball in his hands all the time, he’s virtually useless.  Not to mention Jameer Nelson is a score first point guard and he looked a lot worse last year….I think because of the addition of Vince.  He’s just a cancer to his respective teams.  In fact, he’s probably the only non-Miami fan who loved “The Decision,” because now he’s not the most hated athlete in a single city.  Before LeBron played his first game with the Heat, I never saw someone get harassed more then Vince did in Toronto.  So my hats off to you, Vince.  Good luck in Turkey next year running house with Iverson.

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