So I was scrolling through the potential free agent pickups for my fantasy basketball league, and I saw Celtics backup forward who almost single handily blew one of the finals games in about two minutes of playing time who has the largest forehead ever Denver Nuggets starting Power Forward (Really?) had 16 rebounds in the opener.  I wish I could make this up.  Did he even have 16 rebounds over the whole season last year?  Terrible.  Quote from George Karl “[Shelden is] one of the more consistent rebounders we’ve had since I’ve been here.”  Are we talking about the same player..George?  I would cringe every time this guy stepped on the court last season.  I never thought that I’d speak this sentence but, Brian Scalabrine was more effective then someone on an NBA basketball court…and that man was Shelden.  Keep losing to your wife in one on one, bro.

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One Response to Gross

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    16 rebounds – you have got to be kidding me

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