Yeahh Giants!

In case you haven’t heard, the Giants just won the Minor National League Pennant.  This team reminds me so much of the ’07 Rockies it’s crazy.  A team with one superstar (Holliday and Lincecum, respectively), and a bunch of overachieving players riding a fun, magical ride to the World Series filled with rainbows and unicorns.  It’s becoming comical listening to people talk about this team.  I mean, sure, it would be fun to see underdogs win but come on, look at them.  They’re filled with a bunch of National League Superstars.  Remember how excited everyone was when we got Edgar Renteria from the Cardinals?  That worked out great.  Then he goes to Atlanta, where he returned to form, then blew chunks for the Tigers.  Guess what League the Giants were in?  Exactly.  O, Pat Burrell?  You were a force with the Phillies…what happened when you went to the Rays? Yeah, you got cut.  Aubrey Huff.  Do I even have to go there?  There was some ridiculous stat that, when he was on the Astros last year, that it was his first time being in third place or higher past the month of May or something.  Ever.  Good god.  I mean I guess he was a pretty good player for the Devil Rays but they were such a joke of a team that it didn’t matter.  Should I go on?  The point I’m trying to make is that even if the Giants find a way to win this series, it’s not because they are a better team.  It’s because the National League is really, really, bad.  You put that team in the American League East and they win about 65-70 games.  If I have to hear one more time about how good all these young Giants are I’m gonna lose it.  Back to the ’07 Rockies.  They were fun to watch…had some young guys who clicked at the right time..and got dismantled by the Red Sox.  I reiterate that, if the Giants win, they are not the best team.   That being said, I think they will win one at home, but lose all three in a row in Texas.  Rangers in 5.  Too bad Philly isn’t in it…they would have at least made it a series.

By the way, I’m pretty bad at picking these things right?  I mean both of my World Series picks are out.  Ooo that’s right.  I still have the Rangers.  Munch on that, Yee.

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2 Responses to Yeahh Giants!

  1. Fine China says:

    I wish I had a comeback but I couldn’t agree more. Rangers in 5. Maybe 6 if Lincecum can steal one off of Lee.

    • Corleto Bob says:

      Don’t underestimate the Giants pitching. If Lincecum can beat Lee in game one look out because I like Cain against whomever the Giants pitch in game two.

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