It’s Go Time

What do you get when:

1. A hometown boy totally turns his back on his city to team up with two fellow superstars,

2. The Lakers have a shot at a three peat and,

3. One of the greatest Lakers flees to Boston in his quest to take down his arch rival…?

You know what you get?  One of the most insanely entertaining, and completely ridiculous NBA seasons…ever. Good talk…I’ll see you out there.


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One Response to It’s Go Time

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Nice win tonight. Rondo 17 assists. Pierce and Allen big shots. Davis and Daniels solid off the bench. Gotta love Shaq’s effort. KG we love ya but you seemed to regain only one-half of the step that you lost – nevertheless your defense was stellar. But what ever happened to Jermaine O’Neal’s game?

    I liked the Rondo – Nate backcourt even though Nate missed his outside shots. Those will drop.

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