What a Weekend

Wow, what a perfect weekend.  Watching the Pats game on Sunday reminded me so much of our Super Bowl days.  We had no real huge plays, just a bunch of long, successful drives.  Brady led two or three clutch drives to drag us out of a hole, while looking like the fire is back when he was jawing with Terrell Suggs after a huge play.  That was awesome.  The reason this is all happening?  Deion Branch.  If there was a black version of Wes Welker that Brady feels even MORE comfortable with, it’s Branch.  Not too mention that guy Morehead is the leading candidate to play the Kevin Faulk role…that is, getting every big first down when we need it and just doing whatever it takes to win.  Never thought I would almost be happy that we don’t have Randy Moss.  Good god, Belichick is a crazy man.

Although I am thrilled with the Pats, that was not the best news of the weekend.  What is you ask?  O, the Yankees are getting owned.  In every way possible.  If it wasn’t for a fluke 8th inning in game one, they would have been packing in four games.  There pitching is pathetic, and Mrs. October A-Rod is finally playing like the choke artist we’ve all come to know and love.  Not to mention that future axe-murderer Mark Teixeira is injured for the rest of the series.  Maybe you two shouldn’t have left Texas after all, huh?  Peace out New York.  See you next year.

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