Legend of the Week

T-Minus 10 days until the Celtics kick off their 2010-11 season.  So I’ve officially decided to begin the “Come Back, Sheed,” campaign.  If anyone doesn’t want him back then you can go to hell.  Just kidding.  But seriously, what did this guy do wrong?  He pretty much said he was only coming here for the playoffs and look what he did.  He played like a poor man’s Mark Blount (eww) during the regular season but played like the nut case that we thought we signed in the postseason.  I love the Shaq signing because he’s just like Perk except he actually has a post game.  Can’t really say I’m into the whole Jermaine O’Neal signing, however.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope he plays like its 2003 and shoves it in my face, but I think this guy is done.  All I know is, when we decide to cut ties with Jermaine in say, January, why not convince Sheed to come back for one (or two) more playoff run(s)?  No one can spread the floor like he can, and to have both him and Perk coming off the bench?  I like it…and yes, I said Perk coming off the bench, because there is no way he’s gonna be starting over Shaq when he comes back.  At least not this year.

So here are some videos that I always enjoy from the only..Rasheed Wallace.


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