A.J. Burnett is a guaranteed loss and other predictions


Some ESPN guest talking head tried convincing me last night that the League Championship Series is more important than the World Series. Yeah the semifinals are more important than the finals. Coaches and broadcasters everywhere have just been punking us the whole time. Anyway the LCS starts today (or tomorrow, who cares) but I probably won’t watch unless a) AJ Burnett is pitching, so the Yankees will lose or b) Roy Halladay is pitching, so a complete-game-shutout is in order. To the predictions…

ALCS: New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers – Yankees in 6

Hey just because we run the same blog doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything, right? Rocco is in love with the Rangers. I’d like to be, but there’s that whole “experience” thing that may or may not be in their way. Nobody wins on their first try. It’s science. The Yankees are the better team anyway. They have a ton of firepower (not that the Rangers don’t) and much more experienced pitching. Yeah Cliff Lee, cool, but he won’t start until game 3. I expect the Yankees to take games 1 and 2, then the Rangers to take Cliff Lee’s game 3 and A.J. Burnett’s game 4. Burnett threw a simulated game the other day… and hit two batters and threw several wild pitches. It doesn’t count, bro, just throw the ball. The Yanks will close it out in games 5 and 6 and we’ll all be subjected to A-Rod trying to fit in when he so blatantly doesn’t.

NLCS – Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants – Phillies in 4

The Phillies have the best rotation left (imagine if they still had Cliff Lee) and the Giants don’t exactly have the bats. If Joey Votto couldn’t hit Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt, why would anyone think Pablo Sandoval could. The Phillies have been there, done that and before you know it, we’ve got a rematch of last October. Should be fun.

Check back for the World Series prediction as soon as these ones are proved correct. I’ll give you a hint. Fillies in phive.

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