Stay Strong, Brother

If you haven’t heard, hitting icon Tony Gwynn has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, he says, from his chewing tobacco days.  These reports come only days after San Diego blew their chance to make the playoffs.  Tough week huh?  Anyways, I figured I’d give a tribute to arguably one of the best hitters of all time.  A guy who hit .380 for a four year stretch, and aside from his rookie campaign, never hit below .300…and for those of you who played baseball with me, you know that I model my game after Mr. Gwynn.  In twenty seasons he hit ten or more homerun’s five times, while hitting more than fifteen only twice.  He could put the ball wherever he wanted, just not over the fence.  I wish that I could have watched him in his prime.  So my hats off to you, Tony.  Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.

One more note…  I just read fellow blogger KZ’s post about Pete Rose and I could not agree more.  Although I wasn’t around to witness him actually play, just by looking at his stats, I can tell that Rose only hung around in the majors to get hits…not to win games.  In fact, I heard rumors that the box office hit Mr. 3000 was based on Pete Rose.  Kidding.  But man was that a good movie.  Anyways, the guy was just a selfish jerk who hit over .300 only once in his final six years.  There is NO chance that he is a better hitter than guys like Gwynn, Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Micky Mantle, Ty Cobb, etc.. I still think he should be in the Hall, but I really hope they wait until he passes, or until he’s terribly old, because I really just don’t like him.  Guy released a book to try to make himself look innocent right before they voted for the HOF.  He’s just a terrible, terrible man.


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