Inane, irrelevant statistic says that Lincecum’s 2-hitter was better than Halladay’s no-hitter. Wait what?

The title really says it all. Huge nerd Bill James’ game score statistic measures a pitcher’s dominance. If you’re interested in learning about it (you shouldn’t be) click here.

Essentially, the rating claims that Tim Lincecum’s 14 k’s, 1 walk and 2 hits allowed are more dominant than Roy Halladay’s 8 k’s, 1 walk, and 0 hits allowed. Lincecum threw 119 pitches, 75 strikes. Halladay 104 pitches, 79 strikes. When I was pitching, it made me almost as happy when someone hit a pop-up or a lazy ground ball as when I struck somebody out. I’d also rather throw 7 pitches in an inning instead of 15. Halladay got great hitters to swing at bad pitches. Instead of overpowering every hitter, he was efficient.

Watch this video (quickly before MLB and its wack copyright policy takes it down). The hardest hit ball was hit by a pitcher (closed his eyes and swung). Professional hitters didn’t hit Halladay hard once. Maybe two of those ground balls were well hit. This statistic, along with so many other advanced metrics in baseball, makes me so angry. Why devalue a no-hitter? The second no-hitter in the history of playoff baseball. I watched Halladay from the 4th inning on. He was consistently ahead of hitter 0-2. That’s hard. Especially when a hitter is looking to hit the first pitch (you know Halladay isn’t going to walk you).

Anyway,  I just don’t see why anybody needs to take away from this game. I’m sure Lincecum did okay, but a no-hitter is a no-hitter and that’s that. A major league team was unable to get a hit off of a pitcher (for the 2nd time season, by the way). Halladay is the best pitcher in the game, no doubt in my mind.

P.S. is that really Chase Utley playing 2nd base? I think Rocco or I could play 2nd better than that. Just ugly Chase.

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One Response to Inane, irrelevant statistic says that Lincecum’s 2-hitter was better than Halladay’s no-hitter. Wait what?

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Agree with your analysis of Halliday v. Lincecum – a no hitter is exactly that – no hits allowed. That is dominance. I also agree with your assessment of what a good inning is -fewer pitches thrown is better as it saves the arm for later in the game.

    But your comment about you and Rocco playing second base better than Chase Utley – I don’t know about that!

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