Legend of the Week

This weeks winner?  None other than my favorite athlete of all time…Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.  No relation to homo phobe, Tim Hardaway, Penny was destined for greatness before he was struck with a slew of injuries.  Possibly the turning point of his career was when Shaq fled to L.A. without even discussing it with Penny.  That led to a little feud between the two.   Sound familiar?  At least Shaq hung around long enough with Kobe for them to become arguably the best duo ever.  Who knows what would have happened if Shaq stayed in Orlando.  On another note, what if Penny and Chris Webber were never traded for each other on draft night?  Would I be writing this right now?  Would I have had only one poster on my bedroom door for my whole life, with that poster being a Sports Illustrated for Kids poster of Penny?  Would I be sporting his jersey in that stunning picture of me and Fine China on the right hand side of this blog?   No one will ever know.  All I know is..Penny could ball.

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