Really Tom?

Yikes.  According to a recent report, Tom Brady won’t cut his hair because his wife won’t let him. We serious Tom?  Is this what it’s come to for you?  How on earth can people take you seriously if your wife won’t let you cut your hair.  What else doesn’t she let you do?  Do you have a curfew?  Are you not allowed out on school nights?  Do you have to finish your vegetables before you have dessert?  You disgust me.  This is the second straw, Tom.  First you criticize the fans, albeit in a kind of joking manner, but still did it nonetheless.  Now you’re telling me that you’re gonna be looking like Justin Bieber for the rest of the season?  I know everyone’s got Bieber fever but come on Tom..he’s like 13 years old.  You disgust me.  Quit getting outplayed by high school hero Mark Sanchez and start playing like the highest paid player in the NFL.

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