Legend of the Week

So since I had so much fun with my post last week, I’ve decided to give a special shout out once a week, every week to some random athlete who has caught my eye for some ridiculous reason, or sometimes for no reason at all.  This weeks lucky winner you ask?  None other than Mr. David “Boomer” Wells.  Those of you who hang out with me on the regular have probably heard my over-emphasis on the word “coward.”  I just think it’s an insult that isn’t one of those boring, overused phrases, but rather a phrase that every time you say it it’s like Woah!, he means business.  Why did I just ramble about that?  Well, in a recent interview with Yahoo!, Boomer dropped the infamous “C-word,” on repeat offender, Joe Torre.  Torre managed the hated Yankees for years, and after he left he decided he’d write a book about how “miserable” his time was.  Jeeze, winning multiple World Series rings must have been pretty damn miserable.  Honestly, if Torre hated New York so much, how much do you think every Pittsburgh manager has hated themselves?  Take it easy, Joe.  Although your comment about Boomer and Kevin Brown was pretty funny.  But anyways, this isn’t about you, it’s about the guy who once pitched a perfect game “half drunk,” and with a “raging and skull-rattling” hangover.  It’s about the guy who has played in the postseason with six different teams, tying only Kenny Lofton.  It’s about the guy who’s number 3 Red Sox t-shirt I own.  My hat goes off to you, David Wells.  I’d like to show you guys some youtube clips of his playing days, but Bud Selig doesn’t allow that. Prick

P.S.  This will probably be my last post for a few days because I’m heading off to Quinnipiac to celebrate Dayton Cup Champion, and a potential Just Right blogger, Dan Munkley’s 21st birthday.  So if you get a chance, wish him a happy birthday, and don’t be afraid to tell him he’s a big mean jerk for beating me and “Fine China” in the Finals this year. Not cool.

But yeah, while all of our loyal fans out there will be hitting the refresh button on our blog to see if I’ve posted anything, don’t waste your time.  I’ll be out with my boys  Baby Bash and T-Pain, ripping up the club scene.

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